What’s Causing My Hair Loss?

What’s Causing My Hair Loss?

What's Causing My Hair Loss?

Losing hair isn’t always a cause for concern. Seeing strands of hair on your pillow or collecting in the shower drain is actually quite normal. However, when you start to shed more hair than usual or notice areas of your scalp thinning, then there could be other factors at play. There is a multitude of factors that can trigger more abnormal hair loss, including your genes, diet, and chronic stress. Thankfully, there are ways to combat it, and innovative treatments today can offer a solution to repair both the damage and your confidence. If you’re concerned and feel unsure as to what’s causing your hair loss, read on to learn more.

Two Types of Hair Loss


There are typically two main types of hair loss. The first is genetic, which – you guessed it – means your genes are largely to blame. If hair loss or thinning runs in your family, then you are more likely to suffer from this too. In this scenario, the hair loss tends to happen very gradually as the hair follicles become more sensitive and eventually produce finer strands during the hair growth cycle.


Reactive hair loss happens when something has triggered it. Some of the most common reactive triggers for hair loss include severe chronic stress, poor diet or illness, and even certain medications.  

Let’s dive a little deeper into the common triggers:

Chronic Stress

Infrequent doses of stress can actually be good for us. But when it turns into a severe level of chronic stress, this can trigger a slew of problems, including hair loss. Chronic stress has a way of impacting almost every aspect of our body because it can become like an engine idling in the background constantly. Eventually, it can trigger problems like Alopecia, which is an autoimmune disease that causes the immune system to attack hair follicles, causing them to fall out. Stress can also lead to a poor diet which can exacerbate the problem, and also dry scalp which can clog and prevent the follicles from growing properly. If you’re enduring a significant amount of stress, try to incorporate more exercise and time spent in nature to reduce that anxiety, calm the body and mind, and activate your natural feel-good hormones.

Hormone Imbalance

From annoying adult acne to mood swings to sudden love handles – hormone imbalances can be a serious pain and culprit when it comes to health and beauty issues. Even a slight imbalance can cause an array of problems throughout your entire body, including the growth cycle of hair. Having an excess amount of male hormones, known as Androgens, can lead to endocrine disorders like Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. This too can be blamed on genetics. 

Iron Deficiency

A deficiency in iron, also known as Anemia, is actually one of the more common reasons for hair loss. Since iron is an essential ingredient in producing hair cell protein, a lack of this mineral can weaken hair. This is especially true for vegans and vegetarians who have cut out meat and don’t take adequate supplements. 

Vitamin B12 Deficiency

Another common problem experienced particularly among vegans and vegetarians is a B12 deficiency because you only get it directly via animal products. It’s one of those supplements that should be taken every single day. Being deficient can cause lethargy or low energy, moodiness, and hair loss since it impacts red blood cells which play a crucial role in delivering oxygen to the tissues.   

Fad Diets & Poor Nutrition

Anything we put into our bodies affects how we look and feel. So if you’re consuming an unhealthy diet or following a crash diet, you’re likely depriving your body of many of the essential vitamins and nutrients it needs to function optimally and produce healthy hair. 


Sometimes hair loss all comes down to the aging process. Hair naturally becomes finer as we grow older, especially around menopause. So it can be a completely normal and natural process. 

How to Fix It

If you notice a gradual thinning over the course of a few months, contact us at the Ottawa Vein and Cosmetic Clinic. We offer top-quality cosmetic treatments and medical care, including advanced hair loss solutions. Our experienced and knowledgeable staff can answer any of your questions and discuss all relevant treatments that can get you back to looking and feeling your best. Contact us today to set up an appointment.

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