Skincare 101: 5 Products You Must Try This Summer

Skincare 101: 5 Products You Must Try This Summer

Skincare 101: 5 Products You Must Try This Summer

A good skin care routine works year-round. However, when the summertime hits, and the sun greets us a bit harshly each day, we need to adapt a bit. That means introducing new skin care products that will provide better sun and discoloration defense and promote skin clarity and brightness.

Skincare routines that work well for your skin type are vital because they:

  • Prevent damage and slow down the aging process. Remember: prevention is always easier than correction.
  • Keep the skin looking youthful. Great products promote faster skin cell turnover that naturally slows down as we age. Slow cell turnover leads to dull skin that lacks radiance, but a good beauty routine makes it shine. 
  • Maintain the overall good appearance of your skin. Wrinkles like crow’s feet, acne, and those stubborn brown patches are easier to deal with when you have a good skincare routine. Not to mention, you can minimize their reoccurrence too.

Why Updating Your Skincare Routine Is Important

As we transition from winter to summer, we should not forget to update our skincare routine. The products that we use should work year-round. However, different seasons offer different conditions, which is why you must adapt your product selection accordingly.

We want our skin to glow and be radiant during all seasons. However, summer skin seems to be especially important. We all envision ourselves as the sun-kissed goddesses that have deliciously tanned and bright skin. But the reality isn’t always like that.

Sun can dry out our skin (yes, even oily skin!). Furthermore, it can also damage it and highlight the signs of premature aging. In fact, it can be so harsh on our skin that it entirely overpowers and overwhelms our winter skincare routine. 

Now, all of this might sound quite urgent and dramatic. You might be inclined to throw everything you have in the trash and start your skincare routine from scratch.

Luckily, that’s not necessary. All you really have to do is tweak your routine a bit. And here are the best five products to do it with!

Battle the Heat With the Phyto Corrective Mask/Gel

A genuine summer product, the SkinCeuticals Phyto Corrective Masque reduces the surface temperature of the face. It contains soothing thyme, hydrating cucumber, and olive oil. It’s a versatile product that will leave you feeling fresh as a spring daisy. You can use it as an overnight leave-in or as a daily rinse-off refresher.

This mask is exactly what we need when that summer heat hits us like a brick wall. It can reduce the temperature up to 5 degrees, which is a huge relief to those who easily overheat.

This calming mask also significantly lowers discomfort and redness, which are fundamental issues many of us face whenever the temperature reaches the yearly maximum. Thanks to the active botanicals in this mask, it soothes the skin and reduces visual redness up to 20%. Meanwhile, the hyaluronic acid hydrates the skin to keep it plump and fresh all summer.

This mask also has a calming dipeptide that diminishes our perception of heat sensitivity. Have you ever felt the desire to dunk your face into a cold bucket of water to get away from the heat? Well, now you have the equivalent of that — except it comes in a 60ml bottle, and you won’t be all wet after you get some relief.

Overall, the studies have shown that the Phyto Corrective Masque can reduce discomfort caused by high heat, by a whopping 47%. 

Chase Away the Crow’s Feet With the A.G.E Eye Complex

No skin care routine can be complete without an eye cream. The area around our eyes is delicate because the skin is thinner than the rest of our face. That means it’s also more wrinkle-prone. 

Not to mention, eyes are the muscles we move more than any other on our body. We constantly squint, blink, and move our eyes which puts a lot of strain on the skin around the eyes. That’s why we have to pay special attention to it. 

Eyes might be the window to the soul, but the area around the eyes is a definite insight into our age. So, to keep ourselves looking youthful and well-rested, we need a high-quality, effective eye cream like the A.G.E. Eye Complex.

This cream will not only deal with those deep crow’s feet, but will also reduce puffiness. And, if you’re one of those people who dread walking out without makeup on because of your dark circles — don’t worry! 

First of all, you’re not the only one. Second, the A.G.E Eye Complex has flavonoids and synergistic peptides that can give you up to 27% improvement in that area. Optical diffusers in this cream also work in your favor, as they will minimize the darkness and make your eyes appear brighter and dazzling.

Because of the active ingredient Pro Xylane, this eye cream improves skin elasticity and firmness and restores the water and nutrients that we lose due to high heat. 

This eye cream will be especially effective if you apply it after a SkinCeuticals AOX+ Eye Gel.

Of course, don’t forget the sunscreen! The key to summer skincare routines is effective SPF protection.

Feel Clean and Fresh With the Simply Clean Cleanser

If you’re looking for a new cleanser that is great  for all skin types of skin and will gently exfoliate and clean your skin, look no further than the SkinCeuticals Simply Clean Cleanser.

When the weather is nice outside, most of us simply can’t bear to spend time indoors. That’s why we go out and enjoy the gorgeous days while they last. However, more time outside also means more exposure to dirt and pollution and, let’s be honest, a lot of sweating. 

Those conditions can leave our skin looking dull, lifeless, and rough. It can also make our skin tone uneven. That is why we need to thoroughly clean and soothe our skin every day.

The Simply Clean Cleanser has plenty of active ingredients that will help you battle the summer heat:

  • Chamomile extract, a natural calming and soothing ingredient, will comfort your tired skin.
  • Orange oil will leave your skin refreshed and looking energized.
  • Aloe barbadensis leaf extract will also help with the heat. Because it comes from aloe vera, it has a cooling effect that will moisturize and plump up your skin.
  • Amilite surfactant system makes this cleanser perfectly foamy and dense. It can easily remove makeup, dirt, and sweat without compromising the health of your skin.
  • Glycerin intensifies hydration.
  • Citric acid or alpha-hydroxy acid helps with the skin cell turnover, which, in turn, helps your skin look youthful.
  • Sulfonic acid (HEPES) activates natural enzymes in your skin. This promotes new growth, and it breaks down the bonds that bind dead skin cells to the surface of your skin, allowing for better, more efficient, and more even exfoliation. 

Fight Those Sunspots With the Discoloration Defence

The sunshine can feel wonderful on our skin. It’s warm, inviting, and calming. 

Unfortunately, it can also cause sun damage and sun pigmentation. One of the lead causes of hyperpigmentation is exposure to UV rays. Hyperpigmentation in the form of dark spots (also known as liver spots) can leave us feeling less than gorgeous when we look in the mirror. To avoid that, you can use the Discoloration Defence serum.

This serum actively brightens any dark spots and leaves the skin tone looking even and youthfully radiant.

This serum is best when paired with the SkinCeuticals Vitamin C Serum, and it’s an excellent dark-spot solution for all skin types. It has tranexamic acid, the best solution for stubborn dark spots that refuse to fade away. It will also ensure that they do not reoccur.

The serum also has anti-discoloration ingredients like kojic acid and vitamin B3 (or Niacinamide) that improve brightness and diminish the darkness of the skin. Aside from that, just like the previous product, this serum has Sulfonic acid (HEPES) that doesn’t allow the dead skin cells to bond to the skin’s surface.

At Nighttime, Take Out Your Glycolic Brightening Renew (Overnight)

As we’re closing our list of top picks for your new summertime skincare routine, we can’t leave out an overnight product that will improve the overall health and look of your skin.

The Glycolic Brightening Renew Overnight treatment will help you get up in the morning feeling refreshed and radiant. It improves the skin texture and tone by 10 to 21% and gives you a clear and glowing look in the morning.

In the summertime, we need a stronger nighttime treatment. Those summer nights may be short, but they can be exhausting. To counter the heat, sweating, and overall strain our daytime activities leave on our skin, we need a product that will leave us looking fresh, youthful, and radiant.

Thanks to active ingredients such as phytic acid, which acts as a chelating agent and helps with skin clarity and radiation, and glycolic free acid value that stimulates new cell growth and improves the skin tone and texture, this treatment is the perfect solution for pretty much everyone looking for a good summer addition to their skincare routine.


Summer skincare should calm, soothe, and maintain the healthy look of your skin, even in the high heat. All of these SkinCeuticals products will do exactly that — and more! 

Here at the Ottawa Vein and Cosmetic Medical Clinic, we offer these and many more amazing skincare products that will keep you looking fresh and moisturized throughout the summer. Contact us now for more advice on how to care for your skin and which products are the best to do it!

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