Environ Vitamin Infusion

Environ Vitamin Infusion

Every cosmetic treatment is unique and every individual has an own perception of beauty.  A consultation with a certified doctor at Ottawa Vein and Cosmetic Medical Clinic will help clarify which treatment is best for you. As with any cosmetic treatment, your medical history including information about any medications and allergies will be reviewed. Then, the area that requires the treatment will be examined carefully to develop the best treatment approach for you.

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What is the Environ Vitamin Infusion?

A cocktail of water-soluble vitamins applied to the skin and absorbed through galvanic and ultrasound-guided technique. This deeply penetration and hydrating treatment addresses a variety of skin concerns: dehydration, sun damage, texture, fine lines, wrinkles, diffused redness, dry cracked skin, acne, rosacea, sunburns, etc.

Treatment time – 30 minutes
Downtime: None

For more information about Vitamin Infusion call our office today, and schedule your consultation with our Medical Esthetician.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is your skin looking dull, tired and or dehydrated? The Vitamin Infusion is the perfect treatment to get that instant zing back into your skin.

This is an ideal treatment if you have a special night out or a big occasion.

  1. Pre-cleanse
  2. Cleanse
  3. Exfoliation with steam and extractions
  4. A thick layer of anti-aging and corrective serums will be applied to the skin. The Sonophoresis probe will transport the molecules into the skin (see figure 1).
  5. The Alginate Masque will be applied over the whole face. A small microcurrent will be attached with clips at the top and bottom of the face. This microcurrent, also called iontophoresis, allows the anti-aging serums to be transported into the deep dermis of the skin, far deeper than simply applying the serums by hand (see figure 2).
  6. Finishing with eye and lip products, serums, moisturizer and an SPF 50.

IMPORTANT: Where normal creams will penetrate between 1.4%- 4% into the skin, low-frequency sonophoresis gives your skin 40x the penetration. It will instantly soften fine lines while leaving the skin plump and hydrated.

This is a relaxing, pain-free treatment with no downtime. Redness may occur underneath the electrodes, but this will disappear right after the treatment.

The initial consultation is approximately 20 minutes and treatment will take approximately 60 minutes.

Results of the vitamin infusion are immediately visible. The skin will be plump, glowing and incredibly dewy.

You will see an improvement in the skin’s condition after just one treatment. To get the best results you may require to 1-2 treatments per month.

There is no downtime associated with the Vitamin Infusion Facial.

Vitamin Infusion is not recommended when:

  • Using Accutane for acne therapy during the past 6 months, or using Retinoid and other Medications like topical prescription drug therapies.
  • Have active acne (stages 3 and 4).
  • Have unstable diabetes.
  • Have acute skin infection or cold sore.
  • Open cuts, wounds or abrasions.
  • Delicate, hypersensitive skin prone to allergies should only be treated. once you are experienced with the treatment.
  • If you suffer from cardiovascular disease e.g. Angina Pectoris, Arrhythmias, etc.
  • Have a pace-maker.
  • Claustrophobia or highly nervous.
  • Have epilepsy.
  • Are pregnant.
  • Sunburned or irritated skin conditions.
  • Excessive metallic fillings in the teeth and metal pins or plates in the face.
  • Have acute sinusitis.

Candidates who have had a recent chemical peel or other skin procedures should wait 1-2 weeks before having the Vitamin Infusion.

$250 (plus tax)


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