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Compression Therapy for Improved Blood Circulation

Over 40% of all women have some kind of varicose vein condition, including spider veins. That number is almost double, up to 80%, when it comes to the older population, and men aren’t excluded from these conditions either. 

Over the decades, our Clinic has been a bastion of vein treatments in Ottawa, with hundreds of satisfied clients. Every case is unique and, based on the current condition of your veins, our extremely experienced Dr.S. will make sure you receive adequate treatment. 

Since practically half the population suffers from some type of vein condition, it’s vital to act on time and try to improve your blood circulation to prevent complications. Perhaps the best tool to do that is compression socks and stockings

Varicose and Spider Veins Treatment

Our team usually recommends a trio of highly effective solutions for reducing the visible presence of veins:

  • Sclerotherapy
  • YAG Laser
  • IPL Therapy

While these methods are highly recommendable, they are not always necessary. Undoubtedly,  for improving circulation and relieving symptoms of tired, heavy legs, our recommendation is compression therapy

The procedures mentioned above are a great solution for reducing the visibility of varicose veins, but if you want to prevent the progress of your condition, compression socks will keep your legs safe and your movements comfortable

Compression Therapy FAQ

Many of you are no strangers to compression therapy, but for those who yet have to try it out, here are the answers to the most common questions. 

Are compression socks noticeable?

Believe it or not, compression socks and stockings can look pretty stylish! Today, they are available in a wide range of styles, colours, opacities (cotton, linen, sheer, ultra sheer), and sizes (knee-high, thigh-high, pantyhose even maternity), making them virtually indistinguishable from regular stockings or socks. 

Is compression therapy covered under my health plan?

In most cases, compression therapy is covered with third-party insurance, or as we would say, with your benefits! You can always check with your insurance, and fulfill our ”socks” questionnaire

Can I use my compression socks every day?

Yes! You can easily use compression socks and stockings in your everyday activities.

Is your staff certified?

Everyone on the Ottawa Vein and Cosmetic Medical Clinic team is a professionally certified fitter for compression stockings. Stockings are an integral part of vein treatment at Ottawa Vein and Cosmetic Medical Clinic.

When should I start with compression therapy?

There is no generic answer to this question, but you should definitely look into it when you start feeling unpleasantness in your legs. You can always schedule a consultation with Dr.S. and determine the next course of action. 

How does compression therapy work?

The essence of it is this – adding controlled pressure increases the blood flow in your legs. Compression socks support your veins and decrease swelling in your lower extremities. The socks make everything “pump” properly!

Which compression socks does your Clinic use?

Our Clinic only works with renowned global brands, and in the case of compression therapy, we are happy to collaborate with Sigvaris (Canadian) and Bauerfeind (German). 

More About Compression Garment

Compression garments are used to help people with poor circulation, and they come in various shapes and sizes. Many professional athletes use compression garments for better results by easing muscle stiffness and quickening recovery time after exercising. 

You can utilize compression therapy for various conditions – from vein issues to leg ulcers. And, of course, you can use compression stockings as a preventive measure. We all wear them in our office on a daily basis! 

Facts Are Facts

  • While men can also have vein conditions, women are more prone to varicose and spider veins due to hormonal changes that occur during menopause, pregnancy, and menstruation.
  • The most significant ‘bad veins’ threats are blood clots and ulcers, both of which can be very dangerous and painful if not treated by a medical professional.
  • Compression socks are a standard treatment for arthritis pain relief. It is also recommended for patients following surgery.
  • While compression socks are the most common type of compression therapy, they are not the only one. You can also use compression wraps, bandages, and sleeves – depending on the area that needs to be treated.
  • Though rarely, compression socks can cause itching, redness, and irritation. Make sure to see a professional who can help you find the right material and adapt the compression therapy to your needs. 

Key Takeaways

Remember you’re not alone in this fight – almost half the population struggles with some type of vein problem. We’d say that the glass is half-full in this case since there are efficient treatments to tackle these issues. 

Compression socks and stockings won’t limit you in any way, but will definitely ease your everyday movements and activities. 

You don’t have to start big, try with one pair and after you see the results, you’ll surely feel more motivated to pursue compression therapy. 

We’ve got you. Our Dr. S. is always available for a consultation, so if you’re having any doubts or don’t know what’s the best way forward – it would be our pleasure to assist you. 

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Our Clinic’s name is proof enough for our main area of expertise. While taking great pride in providing other services as well, decades of experience in vein treatment speak for themselves.

There are 4 ways Ottawa Vein & Cosmetic Medical Clinic can help you with spider and varicose veins – sclerotherapy, YAG laser, IPL treatment, and compression therapy. Whatever you opt for, you can give us a call at 613-737-5675. We are open Monday to Thursday, 8:30 am to 3:30 pm!

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