Being Comfortable in Your Skin Is Your Birthright

Being Comfortable in Your Skin Is Your Birthright

Being Comfortable In Your Skin Is Your Birthright

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. That’s the saying, isn’t it? It’s also something that I try to tell all my clients.

At my clinic, we are firm believers that confidence comes from within. My team works hard to ensure that each of our patients walks out of the clinic happier than they came in. We do this by nourishing their spirit as much as we do their bodies and faces. I know that that might sound like a worn-out phrase, but our goal is for our clients to be comfortable with who they are, to enjoy being in their skin.

However, sometimes we see ourselves through a cruel and deceitful societal lens that warps our image of the world and ourselves. Society offers us blanket beauty standards, and we apply them to ourselves as much as we do to others. We fail to embrace individual beauty.

What’s more, we fail to embrace ourselves. Of course, given that society glorifies youthful beauty and shuns everything else, it’s no wonder that we all, myself included, sometimes fall victim to this trend.

Individual Beauty and Confidence

Individual Beauty and Confidence

The glorification of youth is partly the reason behind the stigma surrounding beauty treatments. Everything in the beauty world comes with a label. Young and pretty 20-somethings are “natural beauties.” Genetically blessed 50-somethings that have no wrinkle or spot to show their age are “ageing gracefully.” But what about women in between?

Overall, women are praised for natural beauty only. But should they do anything to enhance it, they are quickly labelled as vain or inauthentic. Authenticity is one of the words that is a societal double-edged sword. We, as women, are allowed to be authentic, only if that means we also fit the norm.

As if we could ever be anything else but ourselves. As if anyone could stop us. Never forget that we all have the right to be comfortable with who we are and live our lives as we see fit — society is damned. We also have the responsibility to change the beauty standards. The first step in achieving that is to be comfortable with who we are.

You Don’t Need External Validation

You Don’t Need External Validation

Contrary to popular belief, life doesn’t end with your twenties. What’s more, beauty doesn’t fade when you turn 30, 40, or 50. Beauty will never fade, no matter our age, because it is so much more than mere looks.

Every woman on the face of the Earth has so much more to offer than just her looks. Our bodies and our looks will always be the least exciting things about us. So why do we focus on them so much?

The reality is that external validation builds our confidence. We’re socially conditioned to believe in something because the world around us reflects that. However, true confidence has to come from within.

So stop focusing on how you look or how you used to look. Stop obsessing over every change in your body. Change is never a bad thing. We have to constantly evolve, adjust, and learn in order to better ourselves.

However, some changes affect us, whether it’s a rash, an acne scar, rosacea, an ugly wrinkle, or an age spot. We don’t like it when our bodies betray us in any way. It makes us feel like aliens in our skin. What’s important here is to know that it is your right to get rid of it if you mind it. If a change you make will make you feel better and let your light shine brighter, do it!

I believe that change is what keeps people young at heart. Learning new things and embracing change with open arms can only make you more confident. It can also make the world a bit better.

That’s precisely why stigmatization of beauty treatments is ridiculous. Beauty and confidence do come from within, but why wouldn’t we want our appearance to reflect our inner self? Why wouldn’t we want our courage and determination to shine through?

Be the Version of You You Want to Be

You Don’t Need External Validation

When I look in the mirror, I want to see a successful woman — a happy, vibrant professional who does something good every day and believes in what she does. 

I want to see the best version of myself every single day. That’s why I take care of my skin,  face, hair, exercise six times a week and eat well. That’s why I wear compression socks, and why I did laser hair removal

Not because I’m simply vain or insecure. But because knowing I take good care of myself makes me feel good. 

Doing something new, taking an extra step, making a bold decision at any age is admirable. It’s a sign of strength and fortitude. So if you’re struggling with making some life decisions just because you’re no longer “young,” hear me when I say the time is always right. Yes — even if you’re 50, even if you’re 100! Youth and beauty aren’t everything in life, but if you feel like your physical appearance doesn’t support the soul inside, you should do something about it.

You should always be free to look how you feel. To be the version of yourself, you will smile back to when your eyes meet in the mirror. 

Society might not always be willing to support that notion. Still, here at the Ottawa Vein & Cosmetic Medical Clinic, we want to help you be the version of you that will walk out of our office proudly and confidently, with a spring in your step. No matter when you decide to embark on a journey towards confidence, and self-love, we’ll hold your hand and support you each step of the way.

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