All About Botox® Treatments for Non-Esthetic Purposes

All About Botox® Treatments for Non-Esthetic Purposes

Botox® is widely known and used as a rejuvenation treatment that helps you reduce wrinkles. And, even though we use it mostly for aesthetic purposes, here’s a surprising fact: you can get Botox® for many non-cosmetic reasons too. It was approved as a non-invasive treatment for several medical conditions. These conditions are usually quite uncomfortable for patients, so Botox® treatments provide great relief for them, both physically and mentally. 

Before any treatment

Before we go into the matter, let’s clarify one thing. There is an important step you mustn’t skip and that is to always consult an expert first. At our Clinic, we first schedule a consultation with Dr. S. before booking any treatment. After going through your history and current issues, a doctor can determine which kind of treatment is recommended for you.

1. Muscle contractures 

Botox® or botulinum toxin is, in effect, a toxin but (in adequate dose) a beneficial one. Botox® is carefully regulated, so you can’t really get botulism from it. If a specialist performs a Botox® treatment, it is considered to be safe. It is used so widely for both aesthetic and non-esthetic purposes because of the effect it has on muscles. The main effect Botox® has is to reduce and even in some cases eliminate muscle spasms and pain.

Since Botox® is so effective when it comes to relaxing muscles, it has also made a significant improvement in people suffering from neck spasms or cervical dystonia even before it was used for lines between your eyebrows. 

2. No more excessive sweating

People who sweat a lot or, medically speaking, have hyperhidrosis, can highly benefit from Botox® treatments. One injection can treat the condition for up to 9 months. It selectively turns off your sweat glands and the problem literally disappears. This procedure is performed in one visit and there is no recovery time.

How to be sure you have hyperhidrosis? If your sweating doesn’t improve with prescription antiperspirants, you may want to try Botox®. It’s amazing how this simple solution can save you from feeling uncomfortable and boost your self-confidence.

At first, it was used only on underarms, but now you can have this treatment to reduce the sweating in the palms or the feet and it is very effective.

3. Chronic migraines are a part of the past

Imagine being migraine free with no severe headaches and nausea. Sounds incredible, right? Well, even this recurring problem can be eliminated or at least alleviated with Botox®. The procedure is the following: Botox® is injected between your eyebrows, into the base of the head, and the temples in the back of your neck. After the injection, Botox® blocks chemicals related to pain transmission. This way your muscles can relax, which reduces the frequency of your migraines.

4. Overactive bladders

Believe it or not, Botox® is well-established and the most impactful treatment when it comes to overactive bladders. It has demonstrated the ability to lower the number of leaks people experience during the day because it calms the nerves that overstimulate your bladder muscles.  But there also is a danger of causing no leaks if the treatment is not performed properly. So make sure you’re in the hands of experts who will not make this mistake.

5. Botox® can help with many eye problems

Botox® can help with many issues related to your eyes. One of them is the problem of crossed eyes or strabismus. The cause of this problem is still not very clear. Even though there is an option for surgical treatment, botox can provide a non-invasive solution for it. This solution is not permanent but can easily be redone.

Another recurring problem is having a lazy eye. Usually, a lazy eye is a consequence of an imbalance in the muscles which are supposed to position the eye. 

Botox® can also be used for other eye-related problems, such as twitching or contractures of any muscles around your eyes.

6. What is jaw Botox®?

Jaw Botox® is used in order to relax your jaw muscles. This disorder is known by two acronyms: TMJ (temporomandibular joint) or TMD (temporomandibular joint disorder). What usually happens here is that your temporomandibular joint becomes swollen or displaced for different reasons. These muscles are active during the day when you open your mouth, speak, or even swallow. Sometimes they are also active at night because people grind or clench their teeth unconsciously and wake up with a muscle spasm or pain. 

Besides pain, there are other symptoms like clicking in the jaw when talking or chewing, swelling or not being able to fully open or close the jaw. These muscles, as any, can also grow if overactive, which results in the widening or bulking of the jaw. When Botox® is injected and your muscles relaxed, your jawline usually becomes slimmer.

Final thoughts

As you can see, Botox® can solve or at least reduce many medical issues. Due to the nature of its effect on muscles and muscle spasms, it is widely used, and probably even more of its effects and purposes are yet to be discovered and expanded in the future. This is a non-invasive and usually not permanent solution, but it can make your life much easier. It can help you feel unburdened, confident, and most importantly, free of constant pain.

If you think you have an issue that can be treated with Botox, make sure to explain your pains and aches before any procedure. It is also essential that you ask all the questions to understand how the procedure works, what you will gain, and what is the success rate of the treatment you will undergo.

Dr. S. and her team will happily answer any questions you might have, just give us a ring at 613-737-5675 and let’s discuss the next steps!

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