7 Myths About Microneedling

7 Myths About Microneedling

7 Myths About Microneedling

If you’re new to cosmetic procedures, you may just be hearing about microneedling for the first time. The notion of it can be daunting, especially for those who don’t like needles. However, this is a perfectly safe and painless procedure. The Ottawa Vein and Cosmetic Medical Clinic is here to debunk popular myths about microneedling, so you feel better when you book an appointment. 

Microneedling is Just an Anti-Aging Treatment

Don’t be discouraged by people who chalk up cosmetic procedures to vanity. Though it’s an effective way to get rid of your wrinkles, microneedling is also a useful way to reduce or eliminate the appearance of scars as well as sun-damaged or loose skin. Acne and injury scarring can be handled this way, not to mention stretch marks from sudden weight gain or loss. 

You Can Microneedle at Home

This is a risk not worth taking. Despite claims that you can replicate the same results at home, you really can’t. The do-it-yourself devices sold in stores aren’t the same as the equipment used in a medical spa – the needles are shorter – so no matter how hard you try, you won’t get the same outcome. It also requires plenty of skill and practical experience to ensure optimal results. Therefore, if you’re attempting to perform microneedling on yourself, you might be at an increased risk of developing a skin infection. Leave it to the professionals to protect your health, wellness, and the overall look you’re going for in the first place.

MicroNeedling Creates Holes in the Skin

A flu shot doesn’t leave a mark on the arm, and the needle from your microneedling procedure is no different in this regard. Your skin is indeed being punctured repeatedly, but there will be no visible sign of this later – hence the term microneedling in the first place. The procedure may leave you with some redness and swelling that will go away after a few days of recovery, but there’s no reason to fear permanent scarring or damage.

It’s a Painful Procedure

To be fair, sticking hundreds of needles into your face does sound painful in theory, so it’s no mystery how this became a myth. It’s not painful, though, because you’re working with specialists, and, again, the needle sizes are extremely fine and thin. During most procedures, a topical anesthetic is applied to the face before treatment. This numbing agent reduces discomfort. The entire procedure takes about an hour to complete. 

It’s Unsafe

This is simply untrue. As with any procedure, there are possible side effects to microneedling. However, these are usually mild and include things like acne flare-ups and swelling during the recovery phase. Microneedling is non-invasive and considerably safer than other, more ablative resurfacing treatments, which can otherwise increase scarring. 

The Recovery Process is Long And Painful

Swelling and redness can be side effects of the procedure. Once the numbing agent wears off, your skin may feel a little dehydrated, and you may experience a bit of discomfort. However, it looks more painful – and sounds scarier in theory – than it is. After the treatment, your dermis automatically begins the process of healing itself. During this phase, you will likely have a moisturizer supplied or recommended by your specialist to keep your skin from getting dry. Splashing cold water on your face can help as well. The initial recovery will only take a few days. Once your skin has healed, remember to put on sunscreen whenever you’re out.

You Need Many Treatments to See a Difference

Usually, you can start to see improvements after just one session. They will be subtle, and it’s important to temper your expectations, but they’ll usually be noticeable and gradually improve over recurring sessions. Once your recovery time has ended, the results are in. Of course, it always depends on the person receiving the treatment in question. Some of us need more sessions than others. Three or four of them may be necessary for select individuals, while others may only need a single treatment. 

Microneedling should always be handled by a professional. The Ottawa Vein Medical and Cosmetic Clinic has experts trained in microneedling, and we proudly offer safer, better results than with home equipment. Contact us to consult with a physician or book an appointment.

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