10 Things To Check Before Laser Hair Removal

10 Things To Check Before Laser Hair Removal

When we’re talking about body hair, most of us agree – we don’t like it and would gladly get rid of it. So, we spend a lot of time finding different solutions to do so – waxing, tweezing, shaving, and our personal favourite, due to its efficiency – Laser Hair Removal.

The procedure uses light which is then soaked up by the melanin in the hair. Then, the heat that comes from the light damages the hair follicles, which in the end makes hair grow much slower.

If you are tired of spending too much time with a razor in your hands, only to feel smooth for a couple of hours (days, if you are the lucky one) or your pain tolerance is really low and waxing causes stress for you, then it might be the right time to consider laser hair removal.

Just think about it, if you start now, this time next year the previously mentioned actions will be just a distant memory for you. 

However, if you’ve already started searching “laser hair removal Ottawa” then you are ready to get into details about it. We are talking about things you should check before going to the first appointment that will change your life (yes, seriously it will), but if you want to know more about the procedure itself, check out our blog The Ultimate Guide to Laser Hair Removal.

Laser Hair Removal Checklist

Let’s dive in – here is everything you need to think about before starting this smooth journey. 

1. Choose your clinic carefully 

We know, you get overwhelmed when you google “laser hair removal Ottawa” and get shown many different options. That is where intensive research comes in handy – who are they, where do they work, and how much experience do they have? Meet with your technician for a consultation, talk to them, and make sure you feel comfortable. Read reviews about the clinic and staff. After all of this, you can be sure that you are in the right hands and you can relax.

2. Learn about different types of lasers

Most people think that every laser is the same, but that is not the case. There are different types of lasers, suitable for various purposes, different hair types and skin tones, and different areas of the body (some are better for the face and others for bikini lines).

In our Ottawa Vein & Cosmetic Medical Clinic, we have:

Fast, precise, versatile and virtually painless type of laser. Here at the Ottawa Vein and Cosmetic Clinic, we use High-Speed LightSheer®DUET™ Laser. Light is emitted by the laser and is absorbed by the pigment located in the hair follicles. The laser pulses for a fraction of a second, just long enough for hair to absorb the light and heat up, which significantly impedes the hair¹s re-growth ability.

3. Can you do it at home?

We’ve all heard about laser hair removal at-home devices, but how good are they, really? There are two different types: lasers and IPLs. Both of them are doing a similar thing like clinic lasers, but are far less powerful…and still costly. So, if you made a decision to start with laser hair removal, the better option would be to choose a professional to help you with that.

4. Learn a bit more about hair growth

Not every hair grows the same and can be treated identically, so unfortunately laser hair removal won’t have the same effect on every part of your body. When choosing the area you want to treat, do your research, so you won’t get disappointed with the results.

5. Is your hair type suitable for Laser Hair Removal?

The laser seeks hair colour (melanin) in the follicle, so that is why most lasers work best with contrast – dark hair, and pale skin. If that is you, then you are golden, laser hair removal is basically tailor-made for you.

As for others, don’t despair – there are lasers suitable for your type as well. But, before you choose one, consult with your technician.

6. How To Prepare for It?

In order to get the best possible results, preparation is the key:

  • Shave the area you need at least 24h before the treatment, but leave a small patch so the technician can assess and figure out what (s)he is dealing with
  • Clean skin without lotion, fragrance-free
  • Avoid sun exposure and/or tanning beds
  • Make sure to tell your doctor/esthetician about any allergies you have or if you are taking any medications
  • Avoid Botox, mesotherapy, chemical peels or dermal fillers at least two weeks before the treatment (and two weeks after for safekeeping)


7. Taking Care Of The Area Post Laser Hair Removal

The part after the treatment is just as important as the preparation.

  • Treat and cleanse the area gently
  • Avoid lotion, deodorant and makeup for the first 24h
  • Avoid the sun
  • Say goodbye to waxing and tweezing, only shaving and wait for at least a week to do so


8. Is Laser Hair Removal Permanent?

This is one of the most common questions, which is reasonable. You want to know will the time and money you put into the process pay off. 

When the hair follicle is destroyed, then yes, it’s permanent. If it is just damaged, it will grow out eventually. It is recommended to do touch-ups every once in a while (for example, once a year).

Usually, laser hair removal delays growth for a really long time (depending on the area and type of your skin and hair) and even if you have to do one more treatment or shave, hairs are much thinner.

9. Prepare for possible side effects

Just like any other procedure, laser hair removal has some side effects that are usually mild:

  • Temporary irritation
  • Redness
  • Pigment changes
  • Blistering/crusting of the skin


10. Add Patience To Your Checklist

Slow and steady wins in the race can be applied to laser hair removal, so be ready to visit your technician for at least a year.

In order to get the best results possible, don’t skip the treatments – usually, you will have to go once a month, or a month in a half. Depending on the area, it will take approximately 6treatments for it to be efficient.

Patience is the key, but when you see that smoothness, you will pat yourself on the back for being consistent.

Is It Worth It?

The checkup list is long which brings the question – is it worth all of this?

To put our two cents, yes it is. The freedom laser hair removal brings you is priceless, if you ask us.

Of course, it has to be done by a team of experienced professionals. That’s where we step in. Ottawa Vein &Cosmetic Medical Clinic has got your back (or any part of the body you would like to be smooth), so contact us today.

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